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This site was developed for businesses and individuals that are in the business of researching documents.

There is a subscription fee and you will also have the option to add other counties within your searchable area.

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Other Records

Bail Bonds (Property Bonds As Surety)

Marriage Licenses

Notary Bonds

Handicap Parking Permits

Recording Fees

Document DescriptionCategoryNew Minimum Fee*/#
Affidavit of Conversion to Real EstateMiscellaneous $51*
Affidavit of Descent Deed$50*
Affidavit per KRS 382.297 or 382.337Deed/Mortgage $46*
AgreementDeed/Mortgage $46*
Articles and Amended Articles (Profit & Nonprofit)Corporate Records$46*
Assignment of Mortgage Miscellaneous $46*
Assignment of Rents Deed$50*
Assignment of Vendor's Lien Miscellaneous $46*
Assumed Name Corporate Records$46*
Assumption Agreement Mortgage$46*
Attest-Release (In House)Release$46*
Bonds- Property as Surety Miscellaneous Enc$63
Bond to Release a Mechanic Lien Release$60*
Certificate of Delinquency Assignment Miscellaneous $30
Certificate of Delinquency Re-Assignment Miscellaneous $46*
Certificate of Delinquency Release Release$46*
Child Support Lien-In StateEncumbrance $5
Child Support Lien-Out of State Encumbrance $46*
Child Support Lien Release-In StateRelease$5
Child Support Lien Release-Out of StateRelease$46*
Condominium Declaration/Associated DocumentsCondo Deed $50*
Contract Real Estate/LandDeed$50*
Declaration of Trust Deed$46*
DeedDeed/Condo Deed$50*
Deed of Correction Deed$46*
Deed of Restrictions Deed$50*
PodiatristRegistry $10
Easement Deed$50*
Easement Release Deed$46*
Encumbrance Encumbrance $46*
Encumbrance Release Release$46*
Fixture Filing Fixture $96*
Fixture Continuation, Assignment, Amendment, Partial Release Fixture $46*
Inheritance Tax Lien Encumbrance $5
Inheritance Tax Lien Release Miscellaneous $5
Judgment Lien Encumbrance $46*
Land Use Restrictions Land Use $50
Lease-Real Estate and/or Equipment Deed$50*
Limited Partnership or Partnership Agreement Corporate Records$46*
Lis Pendens Notice Encumbrance $46*
Lis Pendens Notice Release Release$46*
Marital Agreement Deed$46*
Master Deed for Condominiums Condo Deed/Deed$50*
Mechanic Lien Mechanic Lien $46*
Mechanic Lien Release Release$46*
Mortgage Mortgage/Condo Mtg$80#
Mortgage Modification Agreement Mortgage/Condo Mtg$46*
Mortgage (Real Estate) with Assignment Mortgage/Condo Mtg$126#
Option Agreement-Real Estate Deed$50*
Plat Plat Cabinet $50
Power of Attorney Deed$50*
Release of Mortgage-Full or PartialRelease$46*
Revocation of Power of Attorney Deed$46*
Subordination Agreement Mortgage $46*
Tax Lien-Federal Encumbrance $46*
Tax Lien-StateEncumbrance $5
Tax Lien Release-Federal Release$46*
Tax Lien Release-StateRelease$5
Will Will $47*
Renunciation of Will Will $46*
Disclaimer of Will Will $46*
Filing with statutory authority for which no specific fee is setVaries $46*
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