Out-of-State Transfer of Kentucky Vehicle

Kentucky Certificate of Title with the assignment of title properly completed & notarized with notary seal. The title is then presented to
the out-of-state purchaser so they can title & register the vehicle in their state.

Affidavit of Non-Exchange Form #TC96-167 must be submitted for all vehicles sold out of state. The registered owner must sign this
form and have their signature notarized. If County Clerk staff notarizes signatures, identification must be presented.

Note: If the out-of-state transfer occurred after January 1st of the current tax year, the seller will be responsible for the taxes
for that tax year. If the sale occurred before January 1st the tax can be exonerated. It is advised that the sellers make a copy of
the front & back of the title to present to the Property Valuation Administrator so that the tax may be exonerated.

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